Blame It on the Rain

As much as I love owning a home, it also has its downfalls. By downfalls, I’m referring to the 8-10 inches of water that seeped into our basement yesterday. It’s not covered by insurance (apparently most standard policies don’t cover groundwater) and we’re out a couple hundred dollars spent on shopvacs, sub pumps and parts.

Hoping to be back with a fun Friday five tomorrow, but today we’re reassessing things, drying out and thanking God for wonderful neighbors, fathers, father-in-laws and brothers who helped us out yesterday.

Stay warm & dry, friends!

basement water 1 basement water 2 basement water 3


4 thoughts on “Blame It on the Rain

  1. omg jess! that’s awful. the weather really was horrible – i was driving up and down 83 for hours in it yesterday and nearly had a [mental] breakdown because it was so scary!

  2. Oh my word I’m so sorry to see this! I hope you are able to salvage anything valuable down there. The rain here in Baltimore was insane yesterday. Did you see the landslide in Charles Village that swallowed up people’s cars? So scary.

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