What’s Next?

Since crossing the finish line on Sunday, I’ve been taking it easy exercise-wise. My knee is still tweaked a bit and May marks the beginning of graduation activities at work – meaning both the JA and I are busier than usual. But with this small break, my mind keeps wondering…what’s next?

I took so much time in preparing for the half marathon that I’m almost in a state of denial that it’s over. I wake up and am able to snooze because I don’t HAVE to run. I can if I want, but I’m not in training anymore. It’s a weird feeling.

A few people have asked me what my next race/challenge will be. There are plenty of opportunities this spring, summer, and fall to retrain and complete another half. I just don’t know if I’m ready to commit to that yet. There’s also a 10-miler and a 12-miler here in the Baltimore area, but again, I kind of like being able to run at my leisure. My last run pre-half marathon was a 4-mile run in the rain. I didn’t take my watch, put in some tunes, and let the rain hit my face. It was glorious and exactly what I needed to get my running mojo back. I don’t want to lose it so soon by jumping into training again.

I’ve also been toying around with the idea of volunteering at races instead of running them. I think it would give me a different perspective on what goes into organizing a race while still allowing me to be a part of the experience.

In short, I don’t know what’s next for me. I’m really excited to get back to the barre and give it my all again – not worrying about how it’s going to affect my running. I’m excited to run and remember why I love it so much. I’m ready to relax this summer, but still keep active and interested in the things that I’ve come to appreciate so much in my life.

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How do you deal with post-race letdown? Take it easy? Immediately sign up for another race?


4 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. I love the time after a race when I’m able to run just because I want to and not because I know I should. I’ve also been thinking about finding a race to volunteer at. After all of the races I’ve done I feel like I definitely need to do my part.

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