Let Them Eat Cake

Sunday afternoon, the JA’s extended family and my immediate family gathered together to celebrate.

Baby A+ Shower 1 - banner

Part one: baby shower. Games were played, laughs were had, and presents were opened. Oh, and cake was eaten. So. much. cake.

Baby A+ Shower 1 - cake

Why so much cake?

Well, it was also Mommy Janks’s birthday. And while we had everyone together, we celebrated the birthdays of JA’s grandmother’s birthday and Jeff, whose birthdays were yesterday.

Baby A+ Shower 1 - birthday

Did I mention that the favors were cupcakes, too?

Don’t get me wrong – I loved every minute of it! In other news, how are we already at 32 weeks?! (Photo was taken Sunday, pre-shower, at 31 week 5 days.) Things are starting to get real – one of our friends delivered at about 36 weeks and that’s not too far away! We’re SO not prepared yet. However, the JA assures me that everything will be okay, no matter what happens. I sure hope he’s right!

Bump 31 weeks

Favorite/least favorite shower game? For bridal showers, I’m not a big fan of the toilet paper dress game. For baby showers, my hands-down least favorite is the guess the poopy diaper game. Gross.


Celebration Weekend

This weekend was all about celebration – I had my first run outside since Christmas Eve and showered a former co-worker (and her baby boy) with love. As for Watson’s Adoption Day celebration, well…we’ll talk about that later.

First – the run. With the colder temps, I’ve taken to running on a treadmill in our school’s brand spankin’ new athletic center. With meetings later in the evening, it was nice to get on campus early and sneak in a quick workout. Bonus? I had the fitness center all to myself!

empty gym

Yet, nothing compares to the feel of the wind in your face (and in this case, the rain on your skin). I set out to complete four miles, and come hell or high water, I was going to finish them. There was rain in the forecast, but I set out – hoping that I would miss it. Welp, in the middle of mile 2 the skies went from foggy to rainy – there might have been some freezing rain at some point, but I muddled through and finished. Good thing I got some reflective gear for Christmas – it was the perfect day to test it out!

run 1-11-14

After drying off, I quickly dressed myself up and heading to my former co-worker’s baby shower. I saw a few old friends, made a couple of new connections and had a blast. We can’t wait to meet you, baby Jack!

KO baby shower 6

Sunday was supposed to be Watson’s 1st Adoption Day celebration. However, after vomiting up three meals straight, we decided that he didn’t need any extra toys/special treats. This, in addition to his recent heart worm diagnosis, led us to joke that his one-year warranty expired. After exchanging a few texts with our vet, we put him on a bland chicken and rice diet for the day and he seems to be doing much better today.

Watson 1st Adoption Day sad

As for us humans, we weren’t going to disinvite our families from dinner and had a wonderful time catching up with our parents. We had such a good time that we agreed to make this a monthly occurrence! The JA and I are very fortunate to have both sides of parents in the area, and can’t wait to share many more meals around our table together.

Watson 1st Adoption Day 1

Running in the rain – yes or no? Any family traditions you’re particularly excited to carry on in your own life?

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!

Bring An Umbrella

Get your umbrellas out, folks because this weekend was full of showers!

Saturday afternoon, I attended a bridal shower for our friend who is tying the knot in June. It was great catching up with friends and celebrating the bride-to-be. We’re so excited to share this special day with the happy couple!

bridal shower banner

kitchen shower favors

bridal bingo

Bri shower

Sunday afternoon, I was able to attend a beach-themed shower my friend and her baby girl. She’s due in a few weeks, and it was a pleasure seeing her and hanging out before her bundle of joy arrives!

LE baby shower

baby bottle guessing game

nursery ryhme guessing game

LE baby shower favor

I still found time to get some work in, hang out with a few other friends, and house hunt. WHEW! This week is another busy one, so let’s get this party started!