Let Them Eat Cake

Sunday afternoon, the JA’s extended family and my immediate family gathered together to celebrate.

Baby A+ Shower 1 - banner

Part one: baby shower. Games were played, laughs were had, and presents were opened. Oh, and cake was eaten. So. much. cake.

Baby A+ Shower 1 - cake

Why so much cake?

Well, it was also Mommy Janks’s birthday. And while we had everyone together, we celebrated the birthdays of JA’s grandmother’s birthday and Jeff, whose birthdays were yesterday.

Baby A+ Shower 1 - birthday

Did I mention that the favors were cupcakes, too?

Don’t get me wrong – I loved every minute of it! In other news, how are we already at 32 weeks?! (Photo was taken Sunday, pre-shower, at 31 week 5 days.) Things are starting to get real – one of our friends delivered at about 36 weeks and that’s not too far away! We’re SO not prepared yet. However, the JA assures me that everything will be okay, no matter what happens. I sure hope he’s right!

Bump 31 weeks

Favorite/least favorite shower game? For bridal showers, I’m not a big fan of the toilet paper dress game. For baby showers, my hands-down least favorite is the guess the poopy diaper game. Gross.


Friday Five: Not My Birthday Edition

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know that the JA had a birthday this week – the big 2-9! He’s not big into celebrating his birthday (which is good, because I usually require at least a few days for mine), but being that he’s so darn special to so many people we had to commemorate the day somehow!

Here are the highlights:

1.  Snow Day – We woke up to school being cancelled due to an ice storm. Back to bed for the birthday boy!

Ice Storm 2-14

2. Food – What’s a birthday without a little indulgence? We went out to lunch with co-workers and then made plans for dinner, a movie, and dessert later on in the evening. It’s all about balance!

3. Presents – With his birthday and Valentine’s day so close together, I kept it a little low key. A funny card, a nerdy tie, a Ravens tumbler and some coffee were all that he needed to make the day special.

His response to the tie: "Oh look, it's all precipitation reactions - how cool!"

His response to the tie: “Oh look, it’s all precipitation reactions – how cool!”

4. Getting carded – Ok, so this isn’t so much for him. I got carded TWICE in about five minutes time – once at the movie theater and once at the bar. That never happens. I felt like a 21 year-old all over again. (Only with a lot more stability in my life.)

5. Special Delivery – The JA has recently started to like veggie burgers as a quick dinner option. I was offered the opportunity to try  Sunshine Burgers, and immediately jumped at the chance. The package arrived on Wednesday and the JA’s eyes lit up with joy when he saw all the new flavors to try. Stay tuned for a full review (and probably a recipe or two)!

I think we're set, bud. No need to go & grab more!

I think we’re set, bud. No need to go & grab more!

Cheers to a great weekend!

What’s your favorite way to celebrate birthdays? A big outing? An evening in? Any birthday traditions? We always get together for a family dinner. Birthday person chooses the menu 🙂

Holiday Traditions

For the past decade, I’ve spent the 4th of July at the house of one of my good guy friends from high school. His parents live on the water and it’s a wonderful way to unwind, relax, and then watch as my friend and his father run back and forth setting fireworks off of their dock. It’s a great time and I look forward to connecting with the same group of people year after year.

4th July 2013 dock

4th July 2013 water view

JA and Watson 4th 2013

However, this year was special because the JA and I got ‘our’ cake. As individuals in our group of friends started to marry, my friend’s parents began providing cakes during their 4th of July celebration to mark the occasion. As ‘your’ cake gets placed on the dessert table, an announcement is made so that all who are in attendance can celebrate with you. Being that we got married back in September, this year was our turn. (Truth: I’ve been looking forward to this since last year’s celebration, as I thought we got cake after becoming engaged. Cue disappointment.)

4th of july cake

It’s wonderful to have traditions like this, especially to mark important milestones in our lives. I love that this friend’s parents get involved and are excited enough for us to incorporate our marriage into their holiday party.

Another thing that I love about it is the words of wisdom that follow the announcement. Before we left, I was given this bit of advice:

“If, on any given day, both you and him each put 50% into your marriage, you’ll at most have 100%. But if one of you is putting in 100%, even if the other has nothing to give that day, you’ll always have more than enough.”

We left feeling happy, full, and wholly loved. It was like leaving our reception all over again!

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?


After a brief stint at junior prom (him) and a bachelorette party (me) last night, the JA and I figured that we’d take it easy today…

…until we remembered that it’s Cinco de Mayo and one of our friends was hosting a BBQ. We packed up the dog and made the hour drive to Virginia. It was a nice, quick getaway and wonderful to see these friends. We’ve had a lot going on and things are only going to get busier a trip was the last thing we needed to add to the list, but it was worth every minute. Here are a few photos!

cinco de mayo 1

cinco de mayo 2

cinco de mayo 3

cinco de mayo 4

Do you like to just pick up and go or are you someone who plans everything out to the minute?


This Sunday marks the one year anniversary of my blog. This past year has certainly been a great one: I learned a lot about myself, got engaged, moved, became a godmother, and lost someone very important to me.

Thank you all for hanging out with me on this crazy ride. Strap yourselves in, because this one is sure to be a crazy one as well!

Happy Friday. Best wishes for a happy and fun-filled weekend 🙂

Sorry for Party Rockin’

This weekend has been filled with celebrations. On Friday, we had a professional day at work and then (thanks to some wonderful co-workers) celebrated our engagement with faculty and staff at a local watering hole.

balloons with our faces on them 😛

Then we passed out on the couch at about 10 p.m.

Yesterday, I attended my first bridal shower of the season held to honor my friend Kerry. It was a wonderful event and I was happy to see and reconnect with people I haven’t hung out with in a long time.

shower favors

Today is going to be spent cleaning, organizing, watching the final hours of THON and supporting the varsity basketball team as they play in the championships this evening.

Have a great one, everybody!

Special thoughts go out to all those Penn Staters who have been standing all weekend in order to find a cure. For all those who think Penn State is just football, I encourage you to click here to see college students giving back to their community. For the Kids, For the Glory. If you would like to donate to help pediatric cancer patients and their families, please visit www.thon.org.

Super Day

Today is not only the Super Bowl, but it’s also the JA’s birthday!

what a nerd.

We’ve spent the weekend alternately celebrating and commiserating. We’ve both had a bit of a nagging cold and so we attempted to lay low.

Ha – like that can happen on your birthday weekend. Friday night we went out with co-workers and ended up stretching the happy hour into way past dinner. Saturday was a rest & recovery day for him until we went to dinner with both our families. Since it had begun to snow, we called it a night and have just been hanging out since. Not to shabby, if you ask me.

He’s not a big fan his birthday except for the fact that from November to February, I’m two years older than he is and he has the opportunity to rub it in every chance he sees. Therefore, I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

Happy Birthday to my science-loving, Ravens-obsessed, hardcore-Republican, husband-to-be. May this next year be one of the best in your life (and before you argue that, remember we’re getting married this year.)