Running While Pregnant: 2nd Trimester

Please note that the following post is my personal experience with running during pregnancy. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. I suggest consulting your doctor before beginning or continuing an exercise routine while pregnant.

My second trimester proved to be the best for me in terms of running. I don’t know if it was the weather, my energy level, or the fact that I cut back on barre and my legs were feeling good, but things just clicked.

If you remember, my first trimester had me completing a half marathon and then taking some time to let my body recover. (To read a full recap of my running routine during that first trimester, click here.) I started jogging with Watson and found that with my slower pace, he had become a great running buddy. We generally completed a 2ish mile route with intervals of running and walking. Some days were better, some were worse, but we stuck to our routine and relished our longer morning workouts.

Then the second trimester began. I/we got quicker. We were back in the 10-minute mile club, and it felt good. The bump continued to grow, and the weather stayed surprisingly cool for a Baltimore summer. The first few times I thought the time was a fluke, but after a some consecutive 10-min/mile runs, I was sold.

10min mile 2nd trimester

The times and the running continued right until the end of my 26th week. While the competitive side of me wished to maintain this great accomplishment and keep running through my third trimester, I also knew that the dark fall mornings were quickly approaching and that running with both an increasingly bigger belly and a sometimes finicky dog may not prove to be the best idea.

running belly and W

Stay tuned for the next update: third trimester!


Puppy Love

Yesterday, Watson went back to the vet for a mid-term heart worm check up test. After the JA showed me this piece chronicling a dog’s last day (and I promptly started bawling like a baby), I was a bit worried. We did everything we could to make his treatment successful, but there’s only so much control we have in these matters.

I’m happy to report that the test came back negative and our pupaplup is in the clear! He still needs to take another test in October, but we are thrilled that this guy will be with us for many years to come.

W hanging out

We were going to celebrate with a puppy cone, but major thunderstorms hit. As a replacement treat, he was allowed to sleep in the bed with us. Good news like this warrants a little spoiling, don’t you think?!

W in bed

Resting Up But Feeling Down

So, Spring Break got the best of me. While I’ve been working shorter hours, we’ve also been completing some projects around the house, enjoying some extra time as a family, and allowing ourselves the opportunity to relax a little bit.

Additionally, I’ve got a little over a week left in my half marathon training (EEK!) and can feel the excitement of the challenge building in my mind as I continue my two-week taper. My 11-mile run last Sunday was less than ideal and my left hamstring felt uncomfortable on my 5-mile run yesterday, so depending on both my physical and mental state, I may need to adjust my goals for the race. It stinks because as recently as three weeks ago, I was confident I had my ‘A’ goal within reach (and it still very well may be). Yet, between my foot issue (which seems to have resolved itself), this tight/possibly torn hamstring, and a mind that’s a bit defeated thinking that I didn’t finish my 13.1 mile ‘test run’, I need to remind myself that a ‘C’ goal is still a goal and I shouldn’t be disappointed if that’s the one I attain. A lot of people have told me that if I can run 11, I can run 13.1 but I would feel more confident had I done it (and done it well) prior to race day. The JA keeps telling me that just finishing is an accomplishment and that should be my first goal, with time and performance as secondary goals. I am reminding myself that any time is a PR. A big confidence boost before next weekend would be great but even if it doesn’t happen, I know I’ve trained well and can (and WILL) cross that finish line.

But enough about that. It’s Friday, so let’s end the week with a photo recap of the past two days!

For our co-workers birthday, my ‘work husband’ and I made a trip to Fells Point to pick up some treats. We couldn’t resist getting a scoop full of gelato for ourselves to brighten up an otherwise dreary day.


These bad boys arrived at my doorstep this week. I’ve already tried two flavors and have a few more to go. A full review will be coming soon so stay tuned!

vega bars

Flavored sparkling water has been my jam recently. On days it’s difficult for me to chug my regular tap water, I mix things up with some flavor and sparkle. I mean, why not?

sparkling water

And we obviously couldn’t end this post without a picture of Watson. The other night, he entered our room and plopped himself down near the side of my bed and didn’t move until I was settled. Too cute.

guard dog

How do you relax before a big event? Ever adjust your goals and then completely surprise yourself in achieving them?

Three Things Thursday

First, I’d like to thank all of you who provided comments, insight, and support as a result of yesterday’s post. It’s truly overwhelming to feel the concern, well wishes, and encouragement as I continue on with this journey. You all (and a good night’s sleep) have me in a much more positive mood today.


Second, I wanted to provide a Watson update. I’m happy to report that he isn’t totally turned off by our vet and is doing well after receiving back-to-back heartworm shots last week. (For his full story, click here.) In fact, we think he’s doing too well. Keeping him on exercise restriction until June is going to be painful for all of us.

Help me to understand why we are not out taking a walk right now.

Help me to understand why we are not out taking a walk right now.

Third, let’s talk about racing (because it’s practically consuming my mind right now, anyway). I know I should take it easy on my foot, but I’ve got a 10K planned for this weekend. Here’s the plan: instead of doing 5mi + strength today, I’m skipping the run and sticking with Barre. I can’t exactly bail on that too, since I’m teaching. However, I do see a lot of foam rolling and stretching before Saturday. Goal: test the foot in a race environment without coming out more injured than I am going into it.

Here's hoping for more shorts weather this weekend!

Here’s hoping for more shorts weather this weekend!

Your turn! What are three random things on your mind today?


Short But Sweet

Hey, All! First off, a hearty welcome to those stopping by from my guest post on The Small But Mighty Runner. I hope you get comfortable & stay awhile 🙂

Sorry in advance for the short post. Last night, the JA and I had a riveting necessary appointment to get our taxes done.


14 days – nothing like waiting until almost the last minute. We ended up eating dinner at 9p and crashing soon thereafter.

I got up and completed my 5 mile training run this morning only to come home & say goodbye to Watson. He’s going in for his second heart worm shot today (with a third tomorrow), so I prioritized him over you all. With this face, can you blame me?


Got some great ideas for tomorrow’s post, so stay tuned!

Proceed With Caution

I’m taking a bit of a detour today from my normal Workout Wednesday post. Don’t worry, it will be back next week! Until then, check out all my workouts by clicking here.

With a two-hour delay yesterday morning due to snow, the JA and I were in the unlucky group of people who got up bright and early. We took the morning slow, adding in lots of puppy cuddles before driving Watson to the vet for his first heart worm shot.

W in car pre-shot

I think I now have a small understanding of what it might be like to drop one’s child off at kindergarten that first day. We were nervous, but put on a strong face as we handed him off to the veterinary technician. Watson’s heart worm is in the very early stages, and we are confident that he’ll beat it. However, there’s that small chance that things could go wrong. Not to mention that he was day boarding at the hospital so our vet could keep an eye on him, and we all know how well he does in crates.

I’m happy to report that the patient did well. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – our vet is AMAZING. She called a few hours after W got the shot to give me an update and then again later in the evening when she thought he was ready to come home.  Her husband is also a personal friend to my husband, so the JA was lucky enough to receive a few photos throughout the day.

W in crate at vet

I had a late meeting last night preceded by a 4-mile run on the treadmill, so I relied on the JA to give me a full ‘at-home’ update. Apparently, there was a lot of discomfort in the first few hours until W settled down. I came in and was pleased to see that he was waiting at the gate to ‘his room,’ wagging his tail and happy to see me.  Soon after, though, he limped back to a pile of blankets, set his head down, and slept.

W post heartworm shot 1

He had a first good night, but we’ve got a long road ahead of us – two more shots like this in a month and a sedentary lifestyle until he’s officially cleared in November. The lack of walks are going to be difficult for him and for us. We both enjoy exercising with him and giving ourselves some fresh air and time to think. I’ve joined the Fitfluential 100-mile challenge for March to keep my activity level high.


Unlike the Tone It Up Love Your Body challenge I did last month, all these miles have to be walked, ran, or hiked – my group fitness classes don’t count. (Although, reading a post of the Facebook wall says elliptical miles can count toward the goal, helping me out a little bit.) I’m not going to be disappointed if I don’t reach  my goal, I’m still getting deeper into half-marathon training and would rather spend the rest of winter inside with this guy anyway.

happy pup

Here’s a shout out to all the people parents out there. I had trouble letting my pup into the vet. I don’t know how you all cope with letting your kids out into the world. Great job and keep up the good work!

Two Words

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to convey our message. Today’s weekend recap is going to be short and sweet – using short captions with two words or less. Let’s go!

Outside run! Character building. Yay, motivation!


Horrible angle. Good friends. Long night.

JAs b&o 2014

THON on. Beat cancer.


No, Watson! Bad dog!

chewed nail polish

Breakfast made. Planning ahead.


Can you sum up your weekend in bursts of two words or less?

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!