Summer Snapshots

So good to see you again! There’s been a lot going on over here, but maybe not in the way that you would think. Yes, we’re prepping for Baby A+. Yes, I’m still exercising. Yes, meals are still being had. And yes, Watson is still being one of the best dogs around town (biased parent, party of one!).

However, I’ve found that this summer I’d rather hang pictures on walls than post them to one.

front gallery wall 7-14back gallery wall 7-14

I’m savoring my ice cream instead of watching it drip as I check on social media.

froyo cone

I’m trading getting up early to blog for sleeping in and spending time with my family of three.

first baby card

I’m bumping to the beat, but with a bump of my own.

bump 7-14

And I’m okay with that.

Additionally, some changes have happened on the professional front. I’ve accepted a new position at a local university and start at the end of the month. It’s been a crazy few months getting everything in place, but I feel that this is the best move for myself and our family.

If you’d rather have a more consistent look at life from my perspective, follow me on Instagram. It’s much more in line with my slower summer pace.

Talk again soon!

Four Word Weekend

Community Yard Sale. Score!

yard sale decorations

First post-half marathon run.

post half run 5-14

The game that wasn’t.

Outdoor dining’s the best.

We had a great, relaxing weekend. The weather cooperated for the most part & kept us busy outside. We tried to soak up as much as we could, seeing as graduation is right around the corner and our lives get a bit busier in these net few weeks. Simply spending time hanging out, while not exactly riveting for you readers, is just what we need to stay sane.

Here’s to a great week!

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!

Easing In

Well, it’s the first official day back from Spring Break and, boy, is this week looking crazy! A deadline today, a photo shoot on campus tomorrow and Wednesday, an alumni event Wednesday and Thursday, and my half marathon on Sunday. Good thing I took next Monday off to relax!

As the JA and I eased our way back into ‘work mode’ we also enjoyed ourselves this weekend. Here’s what we accomplished:

– Spruce up the house. In light of our tree root incident from earlier this year, our landscaping left a lot to be desired. We took a trip to Lowe’s this weekend and attacked the front yard and flower boxes. We also planted herbs and veggies in the backyard. Now only if the grass patches would grow a bit faster, we’d be good to go!


– Hang out with friends and family. Nettifred came into town on Friday and that can’t happen without some bonding time – especially when she brings her new dog with her. I use the term dog loosely here, as Winnie weighs about 8 lbs. total and stands only a few inches tall, but she’s so cute. A trip home also means that we do things specific to MD, like grabbing frozen custard at our favorite local ice cream stand. Delicious!


– Let loose and have fun. Friday night we indulged a bit and made an old-school staple for dinner: pizza bagels. While I know these are not the healthiest options, I’m all about balance and these guys totally hit the spot. The JA commented that they were, “totally picture worthy,” and I happily snapped and posted the pic to Instagram. Additionally, we couldn’t ignore our own pup! Watson had plenty of time being pet and pampered, but we also got a bit goofy with him. I think he looks pretty distinguished, don’t you?

pizza bagels

W w glasses

How do you achieve balance in your life?
Favorite childhood meal that you still enjoy as an adult?

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!

Fun & Games

This is the way I felt about getting out of bed this morning. With a lack of creative juices, I decided to make today’s post an interactive, fun one. Enjoy!

tired pup

Would you rather…

…have a super-soft pillow or a warm, fuzzy blanket? Blanket. As someone who is perpetually cold, blankets are my best friend.

…go back in time and meet your ancestors or fast forward and meet your great-grandchildren? Fast forward. To see the advance in technology and hope that the values that I preach are still being upheld.

as always, click for source

as always, click for source

…always know when people are lying or always get away with lying? Always know. I have a horrible poker face and lying makes me flustered and uncomfortable.

…wear the same thing every day or never wear the same thing twice? Coming from a Catholic school upbringing and wearing uniforms from grades 1-12, I’d pick wearing the same thing every day. It’s easy, hassle-free, and makes laundry a breeze!

…control the elements or control time? Oooh. Well, I do love me some good weather, but I would like the opportunity to speed up/slow down time. I think I’ll have to go with the elements, only because I don’t know what life has in store for me and if I controlled time, I could miss something that would change my entire path of life.

Your turn! Answer one or all of the questions above, and have a great Friday!

On Them Internets

As part of my iGoogle homepage, I have a widget that provides me with a ‘how-to’ for the day. Most of the time, I glaze over it, but yesterday it certainly caught my eye…

How to Make a Sports Bra Using a Men’s Brief

Yeeaaah. So, I mean, you know I had to click on that bad boy.

What is that, you say? You’ve never wondered how to use a man’s undergarment to make one of your own?

Me neither. While intriguing, I doubt that this sports bra is in any way supportive of the…ahem, girls.

I guess you learn something new every day?

And as if the above link wasn’t enough, just for fun, I give you the following video.

Happy Thursday/Friday for those of you taking advantage of the holiday weekend!