Losing Steam

Ever have those days when it seems like time is moving so quickly and then you get into work and the day drags on? That’s what my life feels like as of late. It’s so nice outside and there are so many graduation-related activities happening that our ‘down’ time anything but relaxing.

Watson, however, has nothing but time.

Watson, on the other hand, has nothing but time.

With all that’s happening, I’ve definitely lost my workout mojo. I went to barre last week and ran on Sunday, but that’s about it. The humidity is already kicking in here in Baltimore. I’d wake up and work out, but I’d rather snooze. These are lame excuses, but they are swirling in my head. The JA’s been doing wonderfully with continuing his routine – working out a few times a week, sometimes twice a day. But for me, that time is over. Training is done and I’m happy with my race performance. I’m hoping that when Watson’s ‘cage rest’ is finished at the end of the month, that getting back into our morning and afternoon walk routine will light a spark and get me back in the game, but what until then?


I trained for so long for the half marathon that now it’s over, I feel a bit lost. While I don’t want to jump into training anytime again soon, I also don’t want to lose all my dedication and tenacity (not to mention my muscle definition and sense of accomplishment).

HELP! What do you do when you’ve lost motivation?

Just Go.

Yesterday felt like an absurdly long day. Even though I slept in, I still completed a full day of work, came home to ‘walk’ Watson, changed, came back to campus to work out, and then staffed an event until 9p. I returned home in a grumpy mood, knowing that a 5:15a alarm was set for this morning.

Before we passed out, the JA and I were incoherently mumbling talking and he said something that stuck with me this morning, “Jess, no matter how bad it is, you’re doing something you love. Training is keeping you AND me sane right now. You’re more happy when you’ve exercised. When you’re happy, I’m happy.”

When that alarm sounded this morning, I groaned. SOOO EARLY for me and on top of that, I have to run? Oof. This is how I envisioned it going.

click image for source

click image for source

Yet, in remembering his words, I got my butt out the door and to the gym. I didn’t get there as early as I wanted, but let those reasons roll off me as I stepped onto the treadmill. I was here. I showed up. Sometimes, that’s enough.

I took it fairly easy – slowing down my pace a bit (I wanted to save my legs for Barre tonight) and tried to call to mind that this might be my pace for the entire half marathon. Which would be fine. I certainly want to push myself, but completing 13.1 is no small feat. I kept thinking, “At least you’re moving.” And I am. I’m moving forward. Moving to my happy place. Moving toward my goal of completing a half-marathon.

just go

How are you moving today? Remember, every step (no matter how small) counts!

What A Tease

We had a late night at the theatre last night, so today’s post is going to be another of the short but sweet variety.

Book of Mormon

I’ve got a few great posts in the pipeline for you and figured I’d give a sneak peek:

Recipe for these fellas.

asparagus fries

A post about my ever-present sidekick.


Talking a bit more about motivation in the morning.

morning quote

Another recipe.


Blogging about blogging.

W blogging

Get excited because that’s only half the stuff tumbling around in my brain today 🙂

Happy Thursday!

What are you thinking about right now? Anything exciting up ahead?


You know those times when your work and life are completely balanced and all is right with the world?

Yeah, me neither.

This week, I feel like I’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ in certain aspects of my life, whereas others, not so much.

I’m kicking butt and taking names during workouts, but…I’m giving into my MAJOR chocolate cravings and indulging more than I should.

Snack drawer #2. Yes, I said 2.

Snack drawer #2. Yes, I said 2.

I’m finding time to spend with the JA and Watson, but…it means going to bed later than I’d like.

My social media engagement is at an all-time high, but…my productivity is at an all-time low. (Which is why my goal today is to BE FOCUSED.)


I’m inspired to blog and have a lot of things I’m excited to do/try, but…all these ideas are just floating around right now and nothing concrete is set.

Anyone else struggling with balance this week? Watson is. It’s rough to balance napping, licking, and scratching. Add in tail wagging and being cute – well, that’s just too much.

You guys, I am SO ready for the weekend.

You guys, I am SO ready for the weekend.

Five Fitness Apps I Can’t Live Without

If you were to ask the JA one of his biggest pet peeves when it comes to my behavior it would be that I’m on my phone too much. Having a horrible computer (up until I got my brand new Mac for Christmas) put me in the bad habit of using my phone as a replacement. Yet, when it comes to fitness & health, it’s easier to track progress, find workouts, and stay motivated with apps! Below are a few of the apps I use on almost a daily basis:

Editor’s Note: This list obviously discounts social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – which I also can’t live without, but that’s for another day. All wording in italics is taken from app descriptions in iTunes or the apps website. I used iPhone information because that’s what I use. If you have an Android phone, a simple Google search should give you links for your device.

five fitness apps to try


FitSnap – FitSnap is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you create inspirational pictures from your workouts and other activities. Add your workout information on top of your photos to create beautiful images to share with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. I recently found this app in an article about photography and it’s quickly become one of my favorite fitness photo apps. Just plug in your workout information, choose a filter & layout and you’re done!

popsugar active

PopSugar Active – Your fitness life should be fun, fulfilling, and easy to create. Loaded with video workouts and photo tutorials, POPSUGAR Active is designed to meet your exercise needs. Love, love, love the video workouts. It’s great to have in my pocket when I feel uninspired. Also has treadmill workouts which are helpful to use in lieu of the machine presets.

rock my run

Rock My Run Home of the best running & workout music in the world, RockMyRun is scientifically provenª to help you perform better during your next workout, better enjoy that workout and save you time. Rocky My Run is an easy way to find a mix that will motivate you to go that extra mile. I downloaded this app and have been loving the variety of mixes it’s provided thus far. My top picks? Fist Pump Run and Grrl Power Vol. 2.


Sworkit Sworkit takes you through 5-60 minute circuit training workouts requiring no equipment. Just choose what part of the body to workout and for how long. Options include strength training, cardio, stretching, yoga, and even an option to create custom workouts. I’m loving this app for my HIIT & circuit training. The voice prompts are spaced out long enough to keep me motivated, the illustrations help me figure out poses/moves I don’t know, and my workouts/results are easy to share across social media platforms.

map my run

Map My Run Real-time fitness tracking, at your fingertips, on your iPhone, no extra devices required. Our apps use your smartphone’s GPS to record every detail of your workout. Follow your route on an interactive map while logging time, distance, speed, pace, elevation and calories burned. I love my Timex Marathon GPS watch to track my running on a regular basis, but Map My Run is a lot quicker for when I want to get out the door instead of waiting for the watch to find a satellite. Also great for tracking my race times and, most importantly, for walks with the dog.

This is part of my Try It Tuesday series – where I review items/services that I’ve tried and enjoyed. For more, check out the Try It Tuesday page!

What are some fitness apps you can’t live without?

Sometimes All It Takes

Sometimes all it takes is a little something to make or break your day.

I woke up (and I use that term loosely) this morning with one desire: go back to bed. But as the JA came in to kiss me goodbye, he asked a simple question.

“Are you running today?”

And my wheels were turning. Should I? Shouldn’t I?

Then I saw Becky at Olives ‘n Wine‘s Pile on the Miles update. And looked at the weather. And decided to get my butt in gear.

Cloudy but not too cold. Made for a great, pre-race run.

Cloudy but not too cold. Made for a great shake out run.

2.30 miles ran, and .45 miles walked with the pup. Done, son! This puts me at over 80% in achieving my own Pile on the Miles goal.

Now, if only the weather would cooperate for my 10K on Sunday…

weather 11-24

What’s motivating you this week? The fact that it’s Friday is certainly motivation enough to get through the work day and on to the weekend!

On Listening to Your Body

I’m not one to stay still for long. I’m a multi-tasker. and I enjoy it.

That being said, for me to take a sick day is a big deal. I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose, an achy body, a scratchy throat, and a want for more sleep. I’m not lying on my deathbed by any means, but I knew I wouldn’t be very productive if I went into the office feeling the way I did. Cue the ‘should I or shouldn’t I call out of work’ conversation in my head. I finally came to the conclusion that missing a day won’t be the end of the world.

I made my calls, sent some emails, and went back to bed for an hour. I feel incredibly better. Plans for the rest of the day include: more naps, warm food, and cuddles with this guy.

'Look into my eyes & repeat after me. I will take you for a walk later, I WILL take you for a walk later..."

‘Look into my eyes & repeat after me. I will take you for a walk later, I WILL take you for a walk later…”

In reality, I’ll probably be itching to do something productive by midday. Laundry, reading, and baking top that list.

The bottom line is: I push myself to do better, because I know I can be better. I push my body to see where it can take me. I push my mind, because knowledge is power. But sometimes, I have to remember that it’s okay to take it easy. To take a sick day even if I’m not REALLY that sick. To take the long view and do what’s better for the long run than for that day.

the long view