My Husband Hates My Smartphone (and Secretly I Do, Too)

Hi, my name is Jess and I have a secret. I’ve never told you this, but there’s a third entity in the JA’s and my marriage…

My smartphone.

You may have seen this article titled, “Why I’m Getting a Divorce in 2014.” (Spoiler alert: it’s about his attachment to his phone.) For some people, they can easily ‘divorce’ their phones. However, being in the field of public relations lends itself to a certain marriage with one’s phone. You never know when a reporter’s going to call or respond to you with a last-minute photo request, when your client’s calling you with another idea, or when you get word that, yes, that placement you’ve worked so hard to secure will air/print at its desired time. Add in that I’m a blogger, and that relationship grows even stronger.

But for me, and many others, our relationship with our phones goes beyond that. My phone never leaves my side. When I get bored, it serves as a comfort. It’s a constant companion, waiting to entertain me. And my husband hates it.

Why? Well, he’s too much of a gentleman to tell me outright, but here’s why he hates my phone (and I do, too):

phone secret3

1. My phone slows me down. It’s true. I get sucked into the social media vortex and can spend hours doing nothing by reviewing Facebook, crafting Instagram posts, working on the blog, or cleaning out my inbox. He’s taken to giving me a 5-10 minute buffer for when he says we need to leave and when we ACTUALLY need to leave the house.

2. My phone is similar to Pavlov’s bell. When it pings, dings, rings, or even lights up, I go to it – no questions asked. It could be a bad comment on our company’s page that needs to be handled! It could be a tweet that needs to be immediately retweeted! It could be someone liking my cute puppy photo! (Ok, so I don’t have Facebook notifications for my personal page but if I did…we’d be in even more trouble than we are now.)

3. My phone is a third wheel. Sitting on the couch watching a movie used to be relaxing. Now, it can be a time for multi-tasking. So not romantic.

4. Really? Another picture? This is one of his biggest pet peeves – especially when it comes to food. He just wants to enjoy the moment or savor the first bite and I want to showcase it in its best light before diving in. You never know when you might want to recreate that recipe at home…right?

5. Warning: the contents of this phone may cause user to self-destruct. Some days, social media lifts me up and makes me feel like a rockstar. Other days, it contributes to my crankiness and discontent. Either way, it shouldn’t have that much power. I shouldn’t let it. But it does, and I do.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step. What am I going to do now? Well, I’ve started purposefully leaving my phone places. If I know we’ll be watching a movie in the den, I’ll turn it on silent and leave it in the kitchen. If we’re going out to dinner, I leave it in my purse (zipped in so I can’t see the notifications as they pop up.) I’m putting it on vibrate more often and trying to keep its use to a minimum when we’re together. These are baby steps, but they’re making a difference. I find myself more focused on him and others, bringing more quality content to our conversations, and enjoying the little things more and more.

Smartphones – love them or hate them?

What A Tease

We had a late night at the theatre last night, so today’s post is going to be another of the short but sweet variety.

Book of Mormon

I’ve got a few great posts in the pipeline for you and figured I’d give a sneak peek:

Recipe for these fellas.

asparagus fries

A post about my ever-present sidekick.


Talking a bit more about motivation in the morning.

morning quote

Another recipe.


Blogging about blogging.

W blogging

Get excited because that’s only half the stuff tumbling around in my brain today 🙂

Happy Thursday!

What are you thinking about right now? Anything exciting up ahead?

Five Things I Learned This Week

WHEW! We made it to Friday. Thank goodness. For my Friday Five this week, I thought I’d share some fun things I found around the internet.

Buckle up and let’s get to it!

1.  12 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do  via BlogHer. These tips have already come in handy!

2. What Baltimore Raven Are You? via Baltimore Ravens. I’ll have to take this one again due to a tie on some answers, but I’m pretty pleased with the results.


3. How to Cultivate Social Media Relationships (Outside Social Media) via Bennis Inc. My most important rule when trying to make this transition: Don’t be a creeper.

4. Your Brain on Beer vs. Coffee via Daily Infographic. Because sometimes both are needed on a Friday 🙂


5. How to Increase Organic Search Traffic Through Blog Posts via The Lean Green Bean. I’m always trying to learn more about blogging and this series from Lindsay looks like a great jumping off point!

BONUS: I learned the even with an extra treat in the room, Watson is determined to remain undefeated is the battle of him vs. containment.

Day 2 P v.P


What’s something you learned this week?

Thinking Out Loud

I came across this series from Running With Spoons recently and thought today would be the perfect time to join in.


Similar to my sporadic Join Me for Tea posts, here’s my brain dump for the week:

– Cold. Relating to both the weather and my health. Tuesday night I came home with a swollen gland and the beginnings of a sore throat. Yesterday, during our day off due to ice, it escalated into a full-blown cold. The JA has it, too. Forgive us for our snotty noses, achy bodies and general crankiness for the next few days.


– Speaking of achy bodies, I printed this bad boy earlier this week. While I haven’t bit the bullet and officially signed up, it’s happening. Giving myself a challenging race will keep me motivated during the remainder of winter. Even with my cold, I pushed myself out the door this morning to get my run in (and allow my legs to recover) before barre tonight. It’s going to be a long road if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Send me good vibes & feel free to chime in with any training tips!

half marathon training plan

– Puppy update. Watson’s doing well with his heartworm treatment. However, his shots start the first week in March and he’s already getting antsy. Things will only get worse as the weather warms up. He’ll be on sedatives for March and April but not fully recovered until November. Poor pupalup will miss out on a whole spring/summer of extreme activity. Pray for us all.

Watson was not impressed with my planking. Shortly after this, he stuffed one of his toys in my face. Gross.

Watson was not impressed with my planking. Shortly after this, he stuffed one of his toys in my face. Gross.

– I need a phone intervention. My iPhone hasn’t been able to back up in 10 weeks because there’s not enough storage. Why? Because I hoard pictures. Any good apps/suggestions on how to keep this under control? And don’t suggest Instagram. That’s part of the problem.

See that 2.5? It needs to be 4.9 (I think) to back up. Whoops.

See that 2.5? It needs to be 4.9 (I think) to back up. Whoops.

Five Fitness Apps I Can’t Live Without

If you were to ask the JA one of his biggest pet peeves when it comes to my behavior it would be that I’m on my phone too much. Having a horrible computer (up until I got my brand new Mac for Christmas) put me in the bad habit of using my phone as a replacement. Yet, when it comes to fitness & health, it’s easier to track progress, find workouts, and stay motivated with apps! Below are a few of the apps I use on almost a daily basis:

Editor’s Note: This list obviously discounts social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – which I also can’t live without, but that’s for another day. All wording in italics is taken from app descriptions in iTunes or the apps website. I used iPhone information because that’s what I use. If you have an Android phone, a simple Google search should give you links for your device.

five fitness apps to try


FitSnap – FitSnap is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you create inspirational pictures from your workouts and other activities. Add your workout information on top of your photos to create beautiful images to share with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. I recently found this app in an article about photography and it’s quickly become one of my favorite fitness photo apps. Just plug in your workout information, choose a filter & layout and you’re done!

popsugar active

PopSugar Active – Your fitness life should be fun, fulfilling, and easy to create. Loaded with video workouts and photo tutorials, POPSUGAR Active is designed to meet your exercise needs. Love, love, love the video workouts. It’s great to have in my pocket when I feel uninspired. Also has treadmill workouts which are helpful to use in lieu of the machine presets.

rock my run

Rock My Run Home of the best running & workout music in the world, RockMyRun is scientifically provenª to help you perform better during your next workout, better enjoy that workout and save you time. Rocky My Run is an easy way to find a mix that will motivate you to go that extra mile. I downloaded this app and have been loving the variety of mixes it’s provided thus far. My top picks? Fist Pump Run and Grrl Power Vol. 2.


Sworkit Sworkit takes you through 5-60 minute circuit training workouts requiring no equipment. Just choose what part of the body to workout and for how long. Options include strength training, cardio, stretching, yoga, and even an option to create custom workouts. I’m loving this app for my HIIT & circuit training. The voice prompts are spaced out long enough to keep me motivated, the illustrations help me figure out poses/moves I don’t know, and my workouts/results are easy to share across social media platforms.

map my run

Map My Run Real-time fitness tracking, at your fingertips, on your iPhone, no extra devices required. Our apps use your smartphone’s GPS to record every detail of your workout. Follow your route on an interactive map while logging time, distance, speed, pace, elevation and calories burned. I love my Timex Marathon GPS watch to track my running on a regular basis, but Map My Run is a lot quicker for when I want to get out the door instead of waiting for the watch to find a satellite. Also great for tracking my race times and, most importantly, for walks with the dog.

This is part of my Try It Tuesday series – where I review items/services that I’ve tried and enjoyed. For more, check out the Try It Tuesday page!

What are some fitness apps you can’t live without?

Card Me

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not at the front of the curve when it comes to technology. Case in point? My main computer is my sister’s hand-me-down from her college days. It has to remain plugged in at all times or it goes into hibernation mode. It also has six different color lines that show up on the screen. One blinks. And the JA wonders why I spend the majority of time on my iPhone.

Even the power cord has given up.

Even the power cord has given up.

ANYWAY, I digress. Technology. When I bought my DSLR camera, Daddy Janks somehow knew that I would not want to be using the cords to transfer photos from my memory card to the computer. So he bought me the Kingston MobileLite G2. A memory card reader that plugs into a USB port, this little guy has made my technological struggles a lot more bearable.

memory card reader

The G2 has been updated (and aptly named the MobileLite G3). The G3, as described on the company’s website, is a “compact, multi-functional USB 3.0 card reader [that] lets your easily transfer digital data, photos, games, music and more stored on Flash cards between all kinds of digital devices. MobileLite G3 has retractable covers on each side that make it compact and protect the USB connector and Flash cards from damage. It’s ultra-portable and backwards compatible with USB 2.0. Dimensions: 2.45″ x 1.16″ x 0.646″ (62.15mm x 29.40mm x 16.40mm), Operating Temperature: 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C).”

Highly recommend for those who, like me, have not upgraded to a computer with an SD card reader. It’s so small that it can fit anywhere, so it’s also ideal for any traveler.

This is part of my Try It Tuesday series. I review a variety of products/services and use this series to recommend the best to you! I was not compensated for this review, I just love the product and want to spread the word 🙂

A Pen and A Piece of Mind

After I wrote about how I’ve started multiple posts but finished few, I went along my merry way. I thought it was a big case of writer’s block and that inspiration would strike, I would become less stressed, and I would be able to have the patience and words to finish a post of which I was proud to hit ‘publish.’

Well, it happened in Starbucks. I was there for a meeting and the person was running late. I pulled out the book that I have been keeping in my purse for occasions such as these and started to write.


It was so nice. Being at a computer all day, especially when writing is a big part of my job, can sometimes affect the rest of my life. Getting back to the basics and stripping away the links, images, social media considerations and other stuff gave me the freedom I needed to get back what I had lost.

The next few weeks are still a bit crazy. However, it’s nice to know that it wasn’t my words that were missing. I needed to reset, get down to what matters, and write without fear.

Here’s to a great weekend!

Note: Special thanks to Houston Calls for the song that inspired this title.