Going the Distance

Since the JA was away this weekend, I stacked my Saturday schedule – leaving time to rest & relax yesterday. After dropping him off at the airport, I made my way downtown to meet up with Lauren. We planned a Meg’s Miles memorial run and completed almost 6 miles around downtown Baltimore. I forget how nice it is to have a running partner – the miles go by so much quicker when you’re chatting!

Megs Miles run 1-18-14

In the end, her watch said we completed 5.9 miles – mine said 5.8. Being the Type A person I am, I couldn’t leave being so close to 6 miles. I came home and did a quick lap around my neighborhood – totaling out at 6.5 miles. That’s a personal distance record for me!

I came home and quickly prepped to attend the wedding I hinted about in Friday’s post. It was certainly one for the books!

Pop Pop wedding 1-18-14

Pop Pop has been widowed for almost four years. He and his new wife are old family friends and she lost her husband a while back. They always were close, and started seeing each other a few years after Mom Mom passed. They originally wanted a very small ceremony, but once the family’s got wind of the idea, the event grew to almost 65 people – and that’s just the immediate families of both the bride and groom!

the original bridal party

the original bridal party

A children

A children

The ceremony itself was short and sweet. Many pictures were taken, and speeches were given. Food and drink were consumed, cake was cut, and we all had a very merry time celebrating this wonderful couple. It was said at one point that these two were not replacements for the original spouses – they only wanted to be considered additions to the family. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after that.

As I mentioned earlier, Sunday was spent doing housekeeping items and relaxing. The JA returned and we ended the weekend with wine and a movie. It was a marvelous weekend, indeed!

cupcake wine

Did you find love in an unexpected place? The JA and I met at our current workplace. I joked to my friends when I got the job that I was hoping to marry a rich alumnus who would allow me to stay home all day. Who knew that my husband was standing right in front of me?!

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!

Linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!

Friday Five: Excitement

The JA will be on a trip for most of the weekend and, let’s be honest, when he’s away it gives me free rein to do whatever I want (insert evil laugh here). Here are some things that I’m looking forward to doing while he’s out of town (in no particular order):

1. Watching girly tv shows/documentaries. I realized this morning that I forgot to cancel our trial of Amazon Prime, so we’re stuck with it for a year. Add that to our recent addition of an Apple TV and I may or may not be found on the couch for the majority of my free time this weekend.

apple tv

2. Hogging the bed. Truth: when the JA gets out of bed in the morning, I slowly stretch out and take over his side. It might be the time where I get my best sleep…but don’t tell him that. He already thinks my goal is to take all the covers while simultaneously booting him off the side of the bed.

click image for source (or at least where I found it)

click image for source (or at least where I found it)

3. Attending a wedding. But not just ANY wedding…stay tuned for more details on Monday.

PopPop 81

4. Meg’s Miles. I’m taking a (semi) rest day so my legs can be fresh for tomorrow’s run. I’m dedicating my mileage tomorrow to Meg Menzies who was killed by a drunk driver while on her Monday morning run. Be safe out there, friends. (For more information and to participate, click here.)

Megs Miles

5. Lots of snuggles with this guy. He started his heart worm treatment this week and so we’re trying to give him a bit of extra lovin’ to lessen the fact that we can’t play as much anymore. It’s a tough job, but I guess I can make it happen.

W 1-17-14

What do you enjoy doing when you’re home alone? (Keep it family friendly, please.)

Wonderful Wedding Weekend Recap

Linking up again with Healthy Diva Eats because, well, my weekend was marvelous.


Friday, we had a company retreat. It was much needed and we finished around 2p. I LOVE having extra time during the work week – especially on a Friday afternoon. I ran some errands and spent a quiet evening with the JA and Waston.

Saturday, I woke up and completed a 4 mile run – my longest since I tweaked my knee. It was a great way to start the morning, and the day only got better from there.

I dropped W off at my parents house before getting my hair done at Hot Air in Owings Mills. A full review will come later this week, but let’s just say I was very pleased with how the full look came together. The JA and I then attended the wedding of one of my high school friends. It was wonderful to get gussied up and see everyone. I can’t believe we’ve known each other for over 10 years!

JAs lumi wedding

cake cutting - lumi wedding

Sunday, we went over to a friend’s house to watch the Ravens-Steelers game. I would like to say that this was marvelous, but the Ravens couldn’t quite pull out a W. Here’s hoping the bye week does us some good!

What’s something that made your weekend marvelous?


In the time that’s passed in my blog break, I’ve accomplished a few firsts that I’m excited to share with you 🙂

First run over 3 miles. (Which I then surpassed yesterday!)
run photo 3mi crop

First crabs of the season.(A sure sign of summer here in Baltimore!)
first crabs summer 2013

First wedding of the year. (Yay, for B+P!)

First attempt at overnight oats. (Recipe still needs a little work, but not bad!)
overnight oats

First call to a moving company. (Only a few more weeks…and nothing is packed. EEK.)

Firsts are a great opportunity to relish the moment and take a step back to enjoy. Sorry I didn’t bring you all along, but now that we’re basically caught up, we can move forward through new adventures 🙂

Firsts or lasts – which do you prefer?

Bring An Umbrella

Get your umbrellas out, folks because this weekend was full of showers!

Saturday afternoon, I attended a bridal shower for our friend who is tying the knot in June. It was great catching up with friends and celebrating the bride-to-be. We’re so excited to share this special day with the happy couple!

bridal shower banner

kitchen shower favors

bridal bingo

Bri shower

Sunday afternoon, I was able to attend a beach-themed shower my friend and her baby girl. She’s due in a few weeks, and it was a pleasure seeing her and hanging out before her bundle of joy arrives!

LE baby shower

baby bottle guessing game

nursery ryhme guessing game

LE baby shower favor

I still found time to get some work in, hang out with a few other friends, and house hunt. WHEW! This week is another busy one, so let’s get this party started!

Family Ties

Yesterday morning, the JA’s maternal grandfather passed away. A sad occasion, but one that we knew was on the horizon. He had been in and out of the hospital since January, and dementia set in a few weeks ago. We spent a day with him over our Spring Break, and we are as at peace with this as can be expected.

grandparents H

His passing led us to have an interesting conversation. My family is small, and not extremely close. Daddy Janks is an only child. Mommy Janks is the only girl and the youngest of four children. (One is deceased.) She is getting closer with her oldest brother, but even so, we are not as tight-knit as other families.

my extended family (minus one uncle, three cousins, two cousins-in-law and one nephew)

my extended family (minus one uncle, three cousins, two cousins-in-law and one nephew)

The JA, on the other hand, grew up in a family that gathered for Sunday dinner at his grandmother’s house every week. No exceptions, you were there. His best memories are those that include his cousins. As they’ve grown older, the cousins have drifted apart, but not far. His extended family on his mom’s side spends a week at the beach together, and his father’s side gather for birthdays, Mother’s/Father’s Day. We are with both sides on Christmas, in addition to my family, so we’re often running around seeing everyone.

A family photo wedding

H extended family wedding

I’m still getting the hang of how a big family operates, and he’s learning how my family does things. We have differing opinions on multiple aspects of family dynamic, frequency of visits, and relationships in general. I’m loving that there are so many ‘young’ cousins at his family gatherings, but that my family is much less (for lack of a better word) overwhelming. One day, hopefully we’ll fully integrate and simply have everyone together instead of traveling from place to place!

Do you have a big or small family?

All photos in this post taken by Helen Helen Macaulay, Associate Photographer with Maria Linz Photography.

Busting Out the Good Stuff

china pattern

One of the bigger discussions the JA and I had when preparing for our wedding was whether or not to register for china settings. When he looked at the setting I’d had on my phone for a month and said, “I like this one,” we knew we had a winner.

His family is so large that they don’t generally use china at gatherings. Whereas my family is small enough that the china comes out more frequently. Therefore, when we had a fake Easter dinner for my brother-in-law (who made a quick trip into town earlier this week), I knew it was time.

We moved the china from my parent’s house and carefully laid it out on our own table. We didn’t have enough dinner plates for everyone in our set, so we ended up borrowing extra china from my parents. However, for dessert, it was all about our pattern. I have to say that it was a proud moment for me. While I left the cooking up to the JA, I got to set the table and relish at how wonderful everything looked. Using our china also served as a reminder of our wedding day and how special that was for us. Hopefully, our set will last a long time and each time we use it will be as special as this one.

Do you have certain items that are reserved for special occasions? Am I the only one who gets giddy over using china? (Please say no.)