Yeah, so…I took some time off from the blog. The JA and I are in the midst of graduation activities and with a long weekend choc full of activities, I decided to put the laptop down and just have some fun.

Sorry, I’m not sorry. I ate and drank way more than I should have, laid on the couch instead of going to the gym, celebrated a wonderful couple’s marriage and enjoyed every minute of it 🙂

Back to the grind!

Time to Celebrate

There was a lot of celebration going on up in this joint this past weekend.

Saturday morning we celebrated the life of a colleague’s husband.

Saturday afternoon we celebrated a win for our school baseball team in a tournament game they played at Camden Yards.

Saturday night we celebrated the marriage of an old co-worker of mine.

And finally, yesterday we celebrated Nettifred’s birthday.

I’m tuckered out. And it’s only Monday.

Ups and Downs

Thanks for hanging in with me while I sort some things out. Those same things are still clunking around, but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write it out.

While I’m still figuring that out, here are some ups and downs from the past few days.

Up: I’m moving!
Down: I’m going to have to pack/unpack 😦

Up: Two of my friends are getting married!
Down: One girl’s bachelorette party was in Baltimore Saturday night and, while it was TOTALLY worth it (see picture below), I stayed out way too late. This made it difficult to wake up, shower, and drive to the other’s shower in PA on Sunday. Yet, it was lovely to see both and celebrate this special time in their lives!

Up: We’re going to North Carolina to visit Nettifred!
Down: We’re driving there and gas prices = not so bueno 😦

Hope your weekend was filled with more ups than downs!

Sunday Funday

Yesterday’s wedding was a blast; the perfect way to end the 2011 wedding season. Congratulations to the happy couple!

In other happy news, Penn State won its Big Ten opening game against Indiana, so I was a happy girl all around 🙂

Today, we’re off to celebrate the JA’s mother’s birthday at brunch and then the Ravens/Jets night game. Hopefully it’ll be a good one and I can keep warm – weather’s calling for showers early and a low of 42…eeek!

What do you have planned for this Sunday? Anything exciting?

Last Dance

Today is the last of our weddings for the year. Another of the JA’s cousins is getting married here in Maryland and we couldn’t be more thrilled for them (plus, it gives me another chance to catch a bouquet!).

However, this also means that I have to put away my pretty dresses and dancing shoes until Senior Prom rolls around in late spring. (Yes, we go to prom together and yes, I love every second of it.)

Janks sisters love dancing

In other news, last week I mentioned I was moving stuff into the JA’s place – just so that I can be prepared for anything if we’re hanging out. Well, the transition is as complete as it’s going to be – the toothbrush was added earlier this week. It’s really corny, but I decided that I wanted to wait for that to be moved in last because it’s the quintessential symbol of moving in. However, it semi-doesn’t make sense because we are not living together. My girlie brain just needed peace of mind that if something were to happen I’d at least have fresh breath!

Our weekend will finish with the Ravens/Jets game tomorrow night. Apparently, there are a lot of faculty going. Add that to the fact that this is my first game of the season and it’s bound to be a good time. Plus, I made these for the tailgate…mmmm.

a little hint...

Hope your weekend is filled with fun stuff to do!


It’s Liz’s wedding day! Yesterday, amidst a bit of rain and a LOT of humidity, we held the rehearsal. Things went off without a hitch (besides frizzy hair and a few bug bites). The venue is perfect for a wedding, but I’m just hoping that it doesn’t rain anymore before the ceremony!`

After the ceremony, we went to OB’s Prime for dinner. The crabcake was just was I was craving and the atmosphere was very upscale – perfect for a rehearsal dinner. The bride and groom didn’t skimp on dessert – which is one thing I love about them! There was Berger cookie pie, an apple crumb pie and cookies n cream cake. The pies were from Dangerously Delicious Pies and the cake was from the Baltimore Cakery.

The cake was fantastic! I also snuck a few bites of the Berger cookie pie and it didn’t disappoint, either.

Before we hit the sheets, some of the bridal party took Liz out for a beverage. Harry Brownes is within a very short walking distance of our hotels and let me tell you, the upstairs bar is awesome. The drink was just potent enough without being overpowering and the leather chairs in the corner are so comfortable that I had to leave before I fell asleep in one!

Yesterday, Liz was very calm, but there are still those few nagging details that are of concern to her. I’m on my way to go get ready for the wedding and make sure she’s still calm. We can’t have a stressed out bride!

Mish Mosh

Today marks the beginning of Liz’s wedding weekend! I am so happy to be a part of her bridal party and can’t wait to celebrate her marriage.

It’s finally stopped steadily raining and I just hope the weather holds through the weekend. Not only is it Liz’s wedding weekend, but it’s the season opener for my Baltimore Ravens! On top of all that, Penn State plays Alabama at home. HUGE game for my Nittany Lions – I’m just hoping they do well.

Today is also the last day of voting for Baltimore’s Most Valuable Blogger. Thanks to all of those who have voted for Just Call Me Janks over the past few weeks. If you don’t mind, click the link and vote one more time. You guys are the best!

Well, I’m off to complete my half-day at work and make my way to the rehearsal. Have a great day!